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Anticipating the Data Quality Challenges in TIF (April 15, 2010)

Carla Stevens, Assistant Superintendent, Houston Independent School District
Don Hilber, Manager, Bureau of Performance Analysis Department of Research and Accountability Houston Independent School District
Carol Ruckel, Teacher Incentive Fund Coordinator, Weld County School District Re–8
Steven Glazerman, Mathematica Policy Research
Allisan McKie, Mathematica Policy Research
Chris Thorn, University of Wisconsin, Moderator
Peter Witham, University of Wisconsin, Moderator

This webinar addresses some of the challenges encountered by round 1 and round 2 TIF grantees. It also presents potential strategies for avoiding problems in building capacity and support for more effective uses of longitudinal data.

Participation, Cooperation, and Buy-In: Stakeholder Engagement and New Forms of Teacher Compensation (April 1, 2010)

Julia Koppich, J. Koppich & Associates
Phil Gonring, Senior Program Officer-Education, Rose Community Foundation
David Lussier, Executive Director of Educator Quality, Austin Independent School District
Louis Malfaro, President, Education Austin
Francine Lawrence, President, Toledo Federation of Teachers
Adrienne von Glatz, CECR, Moderator

This webinar focuses on the who, what, and how of engaging relevant stakeholders in developing new forms of teacher compensation. Participants include states, districts, and unions that have developed innovative teacher pay programs.

Structuring Your Alternative Compensation Program: Challenges and Opportunities (March 18, 2010)

Michael S. Christian, Wisconsin Center for Education Research and CECR
Alyssa Ford-Heywood, Office of the Deputy Superintendent and PPIP Project Manager—Pittsburgh Public Schools
Patrick Schuermann, Vanderbilt University and CECR
Cortney Rowland,CECR , Moderator

This webinar focuses on program design for alternative compensation programs. Performance award program structures including systems that are based on schools, teams, and/or individuals awards; high school award programs; and educator compensation programs for principals and school leaders are also discussed.

ED Cohort 1 APR Review (July 7, 2009)
April Lee, Presenter
Tamara Azar, Moderator
April Lee discusses requirements of the Annual Performance Report for Cohort 1 TIF grantees.

ED Cohort 2 APR Review (March 27, 2009)
April Lee, ED Program Officer
Allison Henderson, Moderator
April Lee discusses requirements of the Annual Performance Report for Cohort 2 TIF grantees.


The Other 69 Percent: Fairly Rewarding the Performance of Teachers of Non…Tested Subjects and Grades (March 4, 2009)
Cynthia D. Prince, Presenter
Tamara Azar, Moderator
This webcast discusses ways to incorporate teachers of non-tested subjects and grades into a performance-pay system.

ED TIF Program Requirements (February 18, 2009)
April Lee, Presenter
Adrienne von Glatz, Moderator
The webcast provides a review of TIF program requirements, including eligibility of staff members, observations and evaluations, mandatory retention, time and effort reporting, and site-based monitoring.

ED Budget and Fiscal Management for TIF Grantees (February 5, 2009)
April Lee, Presenter
This webcast discusses allowable uses of funds, budget transfers (including expanded authorities), drawdown activity and oversight, fiscal reporting, and sustainability and matching.

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